Creates Opportunity through Inclusion, Equity and Technology

CIH projects are designed to revolutionize industries that historically have only taken resources directly and indirectly from communities. The media industry plays a major role in steering behavioral patterns such as spending habits, perception and developing mind sets while often creating false narratives.

As it relates to THA Event it addresses several industries that affect individuals directly such as self esteem and value (self worth). 

Old TV on the Street
doing work together


An Innovative Solution

CIH Media is a project set to launch in fall of 2019. CIH Media is a communication division of community info hubs that focuses on delivering pertinent and relevant programming to target audiences. CIH Media affords certified community info hubs the ability to become  the gathering spot for their neighbors. 

CIH members such as barbers, hair stylist restaurant and day care employees are provided income opportunities for keeping their friends, family and foes engaged in what’s going on in and around their community.


Health, Beauty, Hair and Income Festival

Tha Event (TE) is a festival that will celebrate health, beauty and hair while presenting income opportunities to participants and attendees.  This one of a kind event will provide inspiration, hope, direction, practical solutions to current issues and individual growth opportunities. 


The first festival will take place in the spring of 2020 and Dallas, Texas is being considered as the host city.  Dallas is being  considered because of its central location, national mystic and currently its lack of urban centered events. 

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